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We handle a plethora of products such as gardening, nursery, landscaping supplies, pet supplies, animal feed, pest control, hunting equipment and supplies, beekeeping and more! Come by and see for yourself. Visit the specific product page for the items in which you are interested for more details. Currently Bird Feeders and Wind Chimes don't have their own pages and this products page is where you can find information on those items. Of course if there is enough interest these items then new pages will be added as necessary.

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Bird feeding is a wonderful hobby that can bring a diverse flock right to your backyard, but there are many bird feeding myths that can discourage novice birders from putting out their own feeders. By understanding the facts, you can learn to disregard these 12 bird feeding myths and enjoy the birds at your backyard feeders. Read all 12 Myths

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When we say "and more" we mean it, check out these new wind chimes we added to our selection of wind chimes.

Goat Milk Soaps

Check out our Goat Milk Soaps. These Goats Milk Soap are made by Rolling Hills Farm. They smell wonderful and makes you and your skin feel so good after bathing. Come get yours today. See all Goat Milk Soaps in the Gallery